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Developmental Stages Guide


Look for the developmental stage icons in each sport section to guide you to the right class for your child.


Our coaches and directors can help to create the plan with you based on your child's interests and ability level. For questions, please reach out to 203.989.1100.


Start on a Path to Lifelong Fitness and a Love of Sports
We believe early involvement in sports is critical to raising healthy, confident, children.

Instruction in over 12 sports including swimming, gymnastics, tennis and soccer for ages 3 months - 5 years.
Sports introduced in a fun, friendly, supportive and nurturing environment.
Age-appropriate curriculum designed for the physical, social and developmental ability of each age group.
Classes emphasize hand-eye coordination, balance, creative movement, and fine motor skills.


Build the Foundation for Life Skills and Sports Technique
Building the foundation for proper, safe, sports technique is crucial to a long-term healthy sports career.

For athletes new to or with minimal experience in a sport.
Fun, positive, safe, supportive environment that teaches sportsmanship and fair play.
Age and ability-appropriate lessons geared toward the individual development of each athlete.
Proper skills taught through drills, exercises and game play.
Program encourages children to explore multiple sports to enhance their overall athletic development.


Cultivate Advanced Skills to Bring Out the Best in Every Athlete
Pursuing advanced level training is as important to building character as it is to next-level athletic talent.

Recreational Track
Classes + clinics for advanced level athletes looking to improve.
For athletes with the experience and talent to be competitive but cannot commit to more intense program.
Elite Track
For the advanced level athlete looking to commit the time and effort to becoming an elite level competitive athlete.
Intensive sports instruction and off-surface training to prepare athletes for the next level.


Prepare Athletes to Compete and Perform at their Highest Level
Every athlete is a competitor so we offer team opportunities to participate at the highest level through intro levels.

Recreational Track
Advanced level athletes compete on a less intense level in regional competitions.
Requires less time commitment
Elite Track
Elite athletes compete at the highest levels.
Multi-day/week time commitment with rigorous on-surface training.
Chelsea Piers A360 athlete training and conditioning.

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