Chelsea Piers CT Volleyball

Chelsea Piers Connecticut is home to the premier volleyball program in the Northeast. Our volleyball program focuses on developing a complete volleyball player, whether the athlete is new to the sport or has played many years at a competitive level. Athletes can begin as early as the first grade and receive tailored age-appropriate instruction to ensure proper skill development. As athletes get older and progress through the system, they can try out for Volleyball Club, the Chelsea Piers Athletic Club's competitive club volleyball program.

Volleyball Club

Volleyball Club

Chelsea Piers is committed to developing a complete volleyball athlete. We offer clinics, targeted CP360 training, competitive in-house games, and tournaments for players at all levels.

Chelsea Piers Volleyball Club
Youth Volleyball

Youth Volleyball Programs

Volleyball at Chelsea Piers Connecticut is specifically designed to teach and develop volleyball skills in young players in grades 4-8. Through specially designed classes and clinics, players of all ability levels will take their game to the next level.

Volleyball Leagues

Adult Volleyball Leagues + Tournaments

Chelsea Piers is Fairfield County's headquarters for adult programming in a wide variety of sports, including year-round, professionally managed adult leagues. Our world-class sports facilities include Maplewood basketball/volleyball courts, in a world-class, air-conditioned athletic facility.



Our state-of-the-art sports facilities include Maplewood volleyball courts, in a world-class, air-conditioned athletic facility.