Lacrosse Camp

Age: 8-13 Boys & Girls   |   Time: 8:45am - 3:45pm Full-Day Monday - Friday

For the lacrosse player looking to nail the fundamentals or someone just starting out in lacrosse.

Lacrosse Camp


The Lacrosse Camp focuses on the fundamentals of passing, catching, dodging, shooting, defensive footwork and lacrosse IQ. The goal is to work extensively on improving the player's skill set while also working to develop a better understanding of the concepts of the game.

The camp progresses from individual work, to small group work and ends with game play situations striving to create a fun-filled, active environment for the players to achieve a high level of success and development.


There is no typical day at camp but check out a sample schedule.

9:00amPassing, Catching Drills and Training
9:15amDodging Drills
9:30amShooting Technique: Phase #1
9:45am1v1 to 2v2 Concepts and Drills
10:00amUnsettled offensive and defensive situations
10:20amShooting Technique: Phase #2
10:40amLax IQ Sessions: Offensive and Defensive Concepts and Strategies
12:45pmRecreational Period
1:45pmGame Play: First Round
2:45pmGame Play: Second Round
3:30pmRaffle / Prizes


Our staff and coaches are with us year-round; they have dedicated their careers to the development of youth athletes and their safety. Our Lacrosse Camp coaches know the game and programs inside and out. They are hired not only for their knowledge of gymnastics, rock climbing, dance and sports, but also for their ability to teach and lead young athletes.

Lacrosse Camp


WK 2: June 22 - 26
WK 6: July 20 - 24

WK 4: July 6 - 10
WK 8: August 3 - 7
WK 11: August 24 - 28

Lacrosse Camp


Early Bird Pricing On/Before April 30.
  Member Non-Member
Single Week $545 $607
1-Day Enrollment
(Only for Week 1, 3 & 11)
$109 $121
Pricing After April 30.
  Member Non-Member
Single Week $574 $675
1-Day Enrollment
(Only for Weeks 1, 3 & 11)
$115 $135

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