Youth Soccer

Grades K - 5

Development soccer at Chelsea Piers Connecticut includes classes for players of all ability levels. The youth soccer program emphasizes individual skill development in a fast-paced environment. All classes and clinics are taught by our soccer coaches who push players to continually improve skills with a fun and professional process.


Winter/Spring: January 21 - June 11, 2018
No Classes: February 14 - 20 • April 1 • April 9 - 13 • May 26 - 28

REGISTRATION IS ONGOING. Classes are prorated if you join once the semester has started.

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Developmental Grades K - 2
Developmental Grades 3 - 5


Class Length Member Non-Member
Developmental, 60 mins., 1x/wk,
18 classes
, (Jan. 21 - Jun. 11)
$467 $550

Winter: November 26 - March 31, 2018
No Classes: December 21, 2017 - January 3, 2018 • Feb 14 - 20, 2018

REGISTRATION IS ONGOING. Classes are prorated if you join once the semester has started.

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Game Day Soccer Grades K - 2
Game Day Soccer Grades 3 - 5
Goalkeeper Clinic Grades 1 - 5
CP-AC Junior Academy Grades K - 2
  • 5:00pm
  • 5:30pm

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Member Non-Member
CP-AC Junior Academy, Game Day & Goalkeeper Clinic,
60 mins., 1x/wk, 15 classes (Nov. 26 - Mar. 31)
$488 $575

Game Day Soccer Grades K-2, 3-5

Game Day Soccer offers a practice and play class for soccer players in kindergarten through 5th grade. Each class consists of 20-minute training session with our Chelsea Piers Connecticut Soccer coaches before breaking into teams to play small-sided scrimmages. The scrimmages adhere to the rules of soccer and are refereed by the coaches.

Developmental Soccer Grades K-2, 3-5

This youth soccer program emphasizes fun and game play. Each session focuses on a different aspect of the game as players learn techniques through challenges and competitions. Small-sided scrimmages are played throughout the semester to provide players with game-like experience while improving each individual player's vision and soccer knowledge. Low coach-to-player ratios improve learning and individual skill development.

Goalkeeper Clinics Grades 1-5

The goal of this class is to pique the interest of young, promising goalkeepers. No prior experience is necessary for Developmental Goalkeeping. The class teaches the fundamental techniques required to be a goalkeeper in a fun, energetic training session. Keepers learn basic catching, diving, footwork and distribution through drills and games. Most importantly, keepers learn to understand the importance of the position within the game of soccer.

Rules & Regulations

Youth Class Cancellation/Refund Policy

  1. Chelsea Piers Connecticut reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient registration, prior to, or following, the first class of the semester. Appropriate refunds will be granted.
  2. Requests for class fee refunds (not including a non-refundable reservation fee and the fee for any classes taken) will be considered through the third class of the semester, for classes that meet 12 or more times.
  3. The non-refundable reservation fee is $50 for classes that meet 10 times or more and $25 for classes that meet 9 times or less.
  4. Refunds are not available for cancellations made after the third class of the semester, or for students registering late in the semester.
  5. All requests must be submitted in writing.
  6. No refunds are available for summer classes or classes that meet fewer than 11 times.
  7. Trial classes may be available for students unsure of enrollment. See details below.
  8. Class fees are not transferable to another student.
  9. Students may transfer from one class to another during the semester if there is availability. Additional class fees may apply if there is a price differential between classes.
  10. Refunds are not available for absences, transportation delays, inclement weather, withdrawals, dismissals, strike/work stoppage, natural disaster or reasons beyond the control of Chelsea Piers, disrupts or forces the cancellation of class.

Trial Classes

Trial classes are available for semester-based programs based on availability. Trial classes may not be reserved in advance. Trial classes range from $30-$90 depending on the specific class. Trial classes are not available for swimming or ice skating programs.

Youth Class Make-up Policy

No make-ups are available for aquatics classes/programs, leagues, team practices, advanced lacrosse classes and tennis classes. Additionally, no make-ups are available for programs that are fewer than 10 classes. Chelsea Piers offers 2 make-up classes for the remaining semester-based classes that are scheduled to meet 16 or more times during the semester and 1 make-up class for programs that meet 11-15 times.  Make-ups must be scheduled with each Program Director.