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League Rules

Soccer League and Tournament Rules


  • League games will consist of 2 x 25 minute half's, the score and time is kept by the referee. Tournament games consist of 1 x 25 minutes half.
  • Teams will receive a 5 minute grace period after which the clock will start.  If 4 players are not present the team in question will be required to forfeit the game.
  • Sneakers, turf and cleats are permitted.
  • Players are not permitted to play for two teams in the same division; teams will incur a forfeit 5-0 loss.
  • Maximum of 2 coaches on the sidelines.
  • Absolutely NO parents, friends or family on the sidelines.
  • Each player must have the necessary equipment on at all times.
    • This includes:
    • Same colored jersey
    • Socks
    • Soccer shorts
    • Soccer cleats or soccer flats
  • Any player without appropriate equipment will be asked to leave the field of play.
  • SHINGUARDS are strongly encouraged.
  • NO jewelry is permitted on a person while playing.
  • Glasses must be prescription.
  • All players must be at least 17 years of age for adult play.
  • Each player must complete a Chelsea Piers waiver prior to entering the Chelsea Piers leagues.


  • Over 30 adult leagues
  • Over 40 adult leagues
  • Open Men: Players must be 17+
  • Champions League: Players must be 17+
  • Corporate: Players must be 17+
  • Coed: Players must be 17+


  • 7v7 for U9 - U11.
  • 6v6 for U12 - High School (5 field players and a goal keeper).
  • If teams participate in a combined U11-U12 tournament/league, the format will be 7v7.


  • Substitutions are permitted on the fly.
  • Substitutions MUST enter at the halfway line.
  • Co-ed teams must have on the field of play; two female's players at all times. Goalkeepers can be male or female.


Standing for both league and tournament play will be decided by the following:

  1. Points (W=3pts; T=1pt)
  2. Goal differential
  3. Head to head
  4. Most goals scored
  5. Fewest goals allowed

Max goal differential of (6) will be recorded for game results for YOUTH ONLY.


  • Goalkeepers are not permitted to punt, or drop kick the ball.
  • Goalkeepers must pass the ball outside the box on goal kicks.
  • The goalkeeper has 6 seconds to distribute the ball upon possession.
  • The goalkeeper is not allowed to distribute the ball, in the air over the halfway line without the ball touching a player or bouncing prior to crossing the halfway line.


  • Free kicks can be awarded direct and in-direct depending on the offense.
  • All kick-ins must be played within 6 seconds from when the ball is placed. Failure to do so could result in loss of possession.
  • Any player defending a free kick must restart 3 yards away from the ball immediately. Anyone found violating this rule receives a caution (yellow card).
  • Any kick-ins from the outside line that does not enter the field will result in possession for the opposition.
  • A center kick is not required to be passed to a teammate.
  • Any ball the touches the roof will result in a free kick from the halfway line.


  • All penalty kicks will be taken from the center of the large white circle.
  • Players must stand within the circle, not touching the white perimeter line with any part of their foot.
  • NO slide tackling when attempting to win a ball against your opposition. This should be a hard and fast rule, NO EXCEPTIONS including the goalkeeper.
  • Slide tackling to keep possession that poses NO direct threat to any other player may permitted by the discretion of the game officials.
  • Any fouls called for a slide tackle will result in an indirect free kick unless inside the penalty area. Any foul inside the penalty area will result in a direct penalty kick.


  • Any player who is cautioned must leave the field of play. There is a 2-minute SIN BIN penalty to the offending team. Thus leaving their team a player down.
  • The player (or replacement player) may not enter the field of play, unless:
  1. The referee has waived the player on at the conclusion of the 2 minute time period.
  2. A goal is scored by the opposition.
  • If the goalkeeper is cautioned he/she MUST ALSO leave the field of play for the full 2 minutes.
  • If a player receives two YELLOW cards in the same game. He/she will immediately be shown a RED card and therefore ejected from the game. A player shown a RED card cannot re-enter that same contest. Post-game, after reviewing the referee report on the 2-YELLOW/RED card incident, Chelsea Piers will evaluate whether the carded player should receive further game punishment.
  • Any player receiving a STRAIGHT RED CARD will immediately leave the field of play and not re-enter the contest. An immediate 1-game ban will be imposed for the next contest. After reviewing the referee report on the straight red card incident, Chelsea Piers will evaluate whether the carded player should receive further game punishment.
  • Chelsea Piers has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any fighting, racial comments or aggressive behavior towards officials.
  • Red cards given for individual players for fighting will result in suspension for the remainder of the season; admittance for the following seasons must be approved ONLY by management. (If a punch is thrown, whether in retaliation or not will result in a Red card).
  • ALL players who receive a red card for fighting must leave the premises and parking area immediately. Any players who refuse to leave the facility will receive a life-time ban.
  • Any TEAM that is collectively involved in fighting will immediately be suspended for the remainder of the season, (WITHOUT ANY REFUND) and will not be allowed back into the facility for the remainder of that calendar year.
  • Subsequently, any player on a team that has been given a season long suspension CANNOT re-enter the league playing for another team.
  • Spitting on the field will result in an automatic yellow card.


  • We have experienced some issues with teams forfeiting games without suitable notice.
  • All teams MUST give Chelsea Piers CT 24 hours' notice if they are unable to attend a game, THIS ALLOWS Chelsea Piers CT to find a replacement team for the opposition.
  • We are adopting a 2-strike and you are out rule.  The first time a team fails to give 24 hours from the time of their game they will receive a "warning", the second occasion they will not be allowed to play for the remainder of the season.
  • A refund will not be granted and any balances will be charged to the captains/managers credit card.


LEAGUE – Adult

Adult Soccer League players are now responsible for making payments directly to Chelsea Piers, in person or through the registration webpage, taking the responsibility of bulk payment away from the team captain. This new structure also allows Chelsea Piers to offer members who play in our leagues a discounted rate.

  • The team captain registers their team and pays the individual fee. This payment is considered the team deposit. 
  • The remainder of the roster registers as an individual either online or in person.  Please be sure to complete the registration in full with team name and captain noted.
  • It is mandatory for the team captain to email soccer@chelseapiersct.com with the list of players on the roster before the first game.
  • A minimum of 10 players are required per roster.  Team captains will be responsible for the remaining balance if their team has a roster with less than 10 players.
  • Players have until Week 2 to pay in full.
  • Only when a player has paid will they receive a jersey.
  • Each player must show a valid photo ID to the referee before each game and sign the roster. Players who do not show a valid ID will not be allowed to play.