Ten years ago, Mike Cawley fractured his back. He started doing yoga as physical therapy for his injury and fell in love with it. Since becoming a yoga instructor he inspires hundreds of people a week to live healthier lives, be present in the moment and find love in their day.

We sat with Mike after his Wednesday Foundations class to find out more about his practice and teaching.


All about love. Through proper alignment and proper breathing you can reach a higher realm of love.

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People drive themselves crazy finding love. The truth is, love is all around you in so many different ways. Yoga can help you connect with an aspect of love in your life. I lead my students on that journey.

My practice and teaching begin with proper alignment and breathing. Once you gain proper alignment and breath, your physical body starts working better and you feel better. Which leads to you being able to control your mind, to focus on the present and your practice. This is finding love on your mat- when you fall in love with the practice.

As you continue on and progress in your practice, you can experience a mind shift to positivity. You realize you can be happy with who you are. You learn to love yourself better.


Yoga is great for building strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. Those that lose weight from practicing yoga usually have made healthier lifestyle and diet changes as a result of becoming more mindful of their body and health through their practice.


Yoga is proven to reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. In so many classes, students come in stressed and angry from their day or something that happened outside of the studio. It is wonderful to see them relaxed, calm and happier at the end of the class. It means they were able to be present and only focus on the love that is on the mat and in the room. My hope is that they are able to take it with them for the rest of their day.

WHO IS yoga best suited for?

All people can do yoga and find love through yoga. I find that both people who come to yoga looking for the physical benefits of toning or people who come for the stress release or mental benefits all end up finding love in their practice, stress release and toned bodies.

How should people get started in yoga?  

If you are new to yoga, our Foundation classes (all instructors) are a great place to start. They will help you learn the basics and you can take the ladder upwards from there. At all levels, I recommend students take it in the simplest terms and you can have the highest result

WHO Is hot yoga for?  

Hot yoga is good for all levels. My hot yoga classes are open to all.


His hot yoga class is challenging, but you don’t even realize you are working out. The time just flies. Partially because he plays the best music, but also because it is easy to be present in his class, to shut out the world. -Andi

I’m 68 and I go around most of the time like I am 45. Mike’s class makes me feel like I am 20! Since taking his class, my joints feel better and my mobility has improved. It has also built my confidence. You could say Mike is helping ease me into my senior years, but I prefer to think that I am easing back into my 40’s. -Mitta

I love Mike. He has a nice balance of giving instruction but not over cueing. He also plays amazing music that flows nicely with the class structure. Mike is inspiring and always delivers a good message during his classes. In addition to reminding us that breath is most important, he reminds us to tell people close to us that we care for them. I was so inspired after one class, I shared my appreciation for my friends at lunch and it felt great. -Laurie

Mike Cawley obtained his 200 hour Yoga certification from PURE Yoga in New York City, and has studied under world renowned Yoga teachers, including Dr. Ray Long, Jill Miller, Kay Clivio and Yogi Charu.

Mike teaches

Hot Vinyasa Yoga on Monday at 9:45am and 12:15pm, Wednesday at 9:45am and 6:30pm, Saturday at 4:00pm and Sunday at 4:00pm

Yoga Foundations on Thursday at 9:45am and Saturday at 8:00am

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