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Chelsea Piers Swimmer Creates PPE With 3D Printer for Local Hospitals

Chelsea Piers Swimmer Creates PPE With 3D Printer for Local Hospitals

Chelsea Piers Swimmer, Toby, can't wait to get back to the pool. He is putting his time off and 3D printing skills to good use making face shields and ear savers for front line employees. In addition to his school work as a Junior at Darien High School and dry land training, since mid March, Toby has sent over 100 face shields and 50 ear savers to local hospitals.

We asked Toby some questions to understand how he began this impactful journey to giving back to his community:

How has it been for you as a competitive swimmer, not to be able to swim?

I have missed it so much. Swimming is such a great sport and is so completely unique. I have been biking to get some exercise but nothing will ever be the same as swimming.

How long have you been working with a 3D printer?

I built my first 3D printer in the summer before 8th grade, I have taught several 3D printer classes at a couple of STEM camps since.

What gave you the idea to make face shields and ear savers?

When the pandemic first hit I saw how maker groups were coming together to help fight the virus, and I started looking for a local group to get involved in. One of my teachers, Richard Reynolds mentioned that he was involved in a group, so I asked to join his group. His group coordinates between makers who have laser cutters to make the clear fronts and makers who have 3D printers to make the head band. They also manage delivery to the hospitals.

How many have you made/ donated?

About 100 face shields. About 50 ear savers.

To what hospitals have you donated?

I believe all of the face shields have gone to Danbury Hospital, the ear savers are going to Stamford Hospital.

What has been the response from the hospitals and front line workers?

We got a thank you from Danbury Hospital with a photo of healthcare workers wearing some of the shields we had made.