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New Year, New Classes

New Year, New Classes

One of our goals for the new year is to bring our members fun and challenging new work outs.  We’ve done this by revamping some of our classes and adding new ones to the schedule.

NEW Classes

If you are looking to kick up your workout to a new level, try one of our new classes.

Start your Motr

Experience the unique challenge of Pilates Reformer work on our new MOTR equipment, along with new balance, strength, cardio, agility and core challenges.

With NEW Instructor Carly Dorman on Monday & Wednesdays 11am, Studio A

Carly was introduced to Pilates during her time at New World School of the Arts where she attained her BFA in Dance Performance. After realizing how much she continued using the fundamentals of Pilates for conditioning during her traveling dance career, she finally certified in mat, equipment & props in 2012. Carly's contemporary style of classes combines Joseph Pilates' classic exercises along with her knowledge of dance & anatomy/kinesiology. Instructing privates & small group classes for several years in South Florida, she was named 2017 Best Instructor in Miami by ClassPass. Carly recently relocated to Harbor Point & she is excited to be part of the Chelsea Piers team.)


A high intensity class utilizing free weights, plyometric movements, and choreographed steps to optimize your fitness results. Intense cardio and superset strength training designed for all fitness levels. 

With NEW Instructor Gerado Lambert on Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30am, Studio A

Gerardo had a heart replacement 9yrs ago and created this format to suit his condition and also have an effective workout for all levels and special populations)

Teen Kung Fu

A traditional Kung Fu class enhancing coordination, balance, mind discipline, self confidence, self awareness, & self respect. This will also compliment all athletes to train for their sport. Ages 12-18

With Robert on Monday & Wednesdays 4:30pm, Studio B


This is a metabolic conditioning class that’s an intense workout utilizing a combination of strength exercises and anaerobic skills using the TRX and weights.

With PJ on Tuesdays 9:45am Studio B

Cardio Squash

Learn the basics of squash with specific movements, cardio and bodyweight strength exercises to get an incredible endurance workout, build lean muscle and understand the foundation of squash. For all fitness levels.

With Squash Pro Dana on Mondays 6pm, Squash Courts


Speed, Power & Agility is a non equipment total body workout challenging your anaerobic threshold to enhance your metabolic rate and improving your speed, balance, strength and overall wellbeing.

With PJ on Mondays 6am, Team Training Center

NEW Class Names

In addition to our new classes, a few of our classes are changing names. You can expect all that you loved about your favorite classes + enhanced program design

Previous Name New Name
  • HIIT
  • Ignite
  • Strength
  • Strength 3D
  • Ripped
  • Amp’d

Ignite- Designed to add a spark to your fitness regimen, IGNITE will incinerate calories in this 45 minute high impact, high intensity interval training class.  Come give your all as you do cardio, strength and plyometric based exercises to maximize the metabolic effect!

Strength3D- Improving physical strength requires pushing your limits and raising the bar to a new level. Strength3D focuses on building total body strength while conditioning you to handle time under tension for longer. Improving muscular strength is the foundation to total body transformation. This class is open to all levels.

Amp’d- Push your body to new limits in this class that combines strength and cardio to challenge your energy systems and motor control. Push & pull your body using bands, plyometrics, rowers, cones and kettlebells to perform at a higher output.