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How Our Experts Set Goals

Have you set your goals for 2019? Not sure where to start? Below are the goals some of our Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers have set for 2019.


Dijon. Instructor, Power Moves Dance Cardio

One of my goals for 2019 is to commit to monthly fitness challenges. My interest for developing new movement patterns grows daily, so I plan to explore its depths. In doing so I will be able to share my unique discoveries and its benefits with my PMDC Warriors!


Shaira. Instructor, Zumba

My New Year’s goal is to eat clean such as Paleo in order to improve my performance, focus and stamina. I plan on doing this by removing additives, preservatives and hard to pronounce chemicals from my foods. ET mostly vegetables, fruits and lean protein. 

I look forward inspiring members of CP to stay motivated with their fitness goals as well as nutrition by setting an example. 


Carly. Instructor, Pilates

To living boldly & fully in 2019! To diving in head first. To gracefully accepting challenges, both the expected & unexpected ones. To new experiences. To being in the moment. To implementing time for self care. And to family, friends, puppies & chocolate (of course). HAPPY NEW YEAR! What are YOUR goals?


Katy. Instructor, Yoga

My fitness goals for 2019 are to try different classes (get out of my yoga/CrossFit comfort zone) and more specifically, improve my handstand hold and getting over my fear of high box jumps! I’m also working on taking more rest days - very challenging for me (but would look like restorative yoga or getting a massage). 


George, Pier Personal Trainer

Don't let excuses determine your day

Increase my exposure: Engage in different activities which will put me in front of more people.

Visualize my goals - Make sure I have positive reinforcements around me throughout your day  

Set my self up for success: Be prepared to think outside the box.

Identify my limitations and conquer them

Try new things - Add diversity to my approach and how I train myself and others.

Convey the message that fitness is a way of life: Remember that It's important to continually set new goals both short and long-term.


Christine, Pier Level Personal Trainer

For 2019 I’d like to step into the ring again and compete in another Muay Thai fight. Why? Because I love testing my mental and physical capacity. I love being pushed and guided by my coach and team, they teach me and help me reach my full potential. The accomplishment of hard work earned is far greater than any quick fix out there! 


Kelly, Master Level Personal Trainer

My 2019 goal is to help all of my athletes climb to become the best versions of themselves by eating clean and training strong!


Anna, Instructor Yoga

As I look to create a calm, healthy, and happy body in 2019, I have made it a goal to practice yoga everyday this year. My aim is to show up to my mat for at least an hour everyday and show my body and mind compassion, as every day of my mat will be different. I’ve found that yoga brings so much light into my life and I want to continue cultivating this happiness.