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Gaining Together

Studies show that working out with a partner can yield better fitness results. Beatrix and Peter, two of our January Jumpstart Challenge winners proved this by taking third and first place respectively in the Lean Muscle Gained category.

Peter and Beatrix

Peter S. 1st place male muscles gained winner

11.1 lbs muscles gained

Beatrix S. 3rd place female muscles gained winner

4.4 lbs muscles gained

Why did you decide to do this challenge together?

After the holiday season as the new year had begun we both thought it was time to get back to the gym and start eating healthy again. We both were doing intensive sport before and throughout our life, but the holiday season was a downhill. Participating the challenge gave us another level of motivation, too.

How was it going through the challenge with your spouse?

Being together in this challenge gave us an extra strength in not giving up on the daily trainings and moreover in keeping a pretty restrictive diet. Honestly, this was the hardest part of the 8 weeks of the challenge. We could work out together only at the weekends cause Peter always trained in the evening after work, whereas I had my workout in the mornings. I was basically in charge of the nutrition - looking up for healthy recipes, put together a low carb and high protein diet, meanwhile Peter helped me a lot with work out plans.

Do you feel it was an advantage to both being a part of the same challenge?

It definitely was an advantage. We both had our ups and downs all the way long - when you're tired, everything hurts, you don't want to go to the gym or when you're craving for a beer or a big piece of cake, you know... - but understanding and literally feeling what the other was going through it was easy to find the right words and motivation to keep each other on track.

We're not stopping here, the challenge is over but we keep maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.