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Fitness Goals

Sue Prime

Many people make excuses for why they can’t work-out, or why personal health and fitness can’t be a priority in their lives. Then, there are people like Chelsea Piers Member Sue Prime, who not only make it a priority, but set fitness goals and achieve them!

Sue trained for and competed in her first fitness competition, the Ripped Tide, this past weekend. Sue’s dedicated training regimen paid off. She took 2nd place overall in the 40+ division, 4th place overall in the open bikini (all ages) and 5th place in the debut category.

We chatted with Sue to find out more about her training.

Was this your first competition? What motivated you to compete?

This was my first competition. I've always wanted to do one. It was a matter of getting the right coach and trainer to be there with me every step of the way. My coach Matvey was the absolute best person to be there for me. He approached me about competing. He believed I could do it and that helped motivate me.

How long did you train?

We decided in mid October to commit to training for the competition.

What did you do differently to train for the competition vs your previous workout routine?

I've always worked out 6 days a week and had been lifting for 3-4 years. To train for the competition, I kept working out 6 days a week, but Matvey tweaked my work-out routine by adding fasted cardio to my mornings which meant 30min- 1 hour of cardio before lifting and eating. He also added 30 min- 1 hour of cardio after my last meal. We lifted every day, focusing on different areas of the body. Making the changes were definitely a challenge, but once I got into the routine, it felt great.

What was the hardest part of staying on the program?

The hardest part was the change in diet. When training for a competition there is little room for food indulgences. For the last 12 weeks my diet consistent only of egg whites, broccoli, green beans, chicken and turkey. I was training over the holidays so it was tough not to indulge. I planned ahead and brought food options to holiday gatherings.

How did you stay motivated?

Honestly, there was always some kind of transformation. I was seeing results every week and it kept me going. Having a goal to work towards also helped keep me dedicated and working hard. Finally, having Matvey was a huge motivator. He was always there to support me and his pride in my results kept me going. Everyone at the gym, from members to employees were incredibly supportive.

Now that you have achieved your goal what is next?

I'm going on a ski trip in a few weeks, so won't go into competition training until after that. I’ll continue coming to the gym and working out 6 days a week. Matvey and I are excited to do another competition. I will focus on building more muscle and aim for a show at the end of the summer to give my body more time to make changes.

What advice would you give to other members?

If people have goals in mind, whether it is to run a marathon or do a fitness completion- go for it! Your body is one of the best investments you can make. The trainers at Chelsea Piers are an excellent investment.

Matvey’s Thoughts on Working With Sue:

I’m so proud of what Sue accomplished. There is nothing like results to feed motivation and motivation to get results! Sue was absolutely amazing to work with. She was incredibly motivated and followed the program we set up to a T and was open to making proper adjustments when needed! As I told her many times, I feel lucky to work with her.