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Mite Cross-Ice League

Chelsea Piers Connecticut prides itself on being the leader in teaching and developing young hockey players in the area; we are the "Home for Mite Hockey" in Westchester and Fairfield Counties! Our goal is to provide cutting-edge programming that maximizes learning and fun, working within the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM).


League Features

  • Cutting-edge facility and equipment
  • Experienced and professional league management
  • Scores are kept to ensure proper re-seeding and appropriate competition
  • Quality start times of games
  • Structured, consistent game schedules
  • Diverse program participation for playing variety
  • 40-mile radius of teams, including Westchester and Fairfield County, Long Island, New Jersey

Previous Season Teams

Greenwich Skating Club Greenwich Blues Ridgefield Youth Hockey Bedford Bears Rye RangersMamaroneck
NYC Cyclones North Park Youth Hockey Pelham Hockey Junior Rangers NYC Skyliners MF Jr Rangers

MITE A Division, Option 1 & 2

The Mite A Half Ice Division allows experienced players the opportunity to play on half-ice, instead of cross-ice, thus taking the next step in learning the game. The half-ice format encourages improved open ice play while providing players the opportunity to further develop new skills during live game play. Standard sized goals are used.

  Dates Details Cost Registration
MITE A: Option 1 Sept. 12 – Dec. 6, 2020
Games are held Sundays between
6:00am and 11:00am.
$4,250 Register
MITE A: Option 2 Sept. 12, 2020 – Mar. 7, 2021
Games are held Sundays between
6:00am and 11:00am.
$5,850 Register

Mite B, Mite C & Mite House Divisions

Mite B, C and House teams play competitive Cross-Ice 4-on-4 hockey throughout the seasons using Chelsea Piers Connecticut's 3-foot high customized borders, mini goals, painted center ice line and painted creases. Our one-of-a-kind borders create three equal size, age-appropriate playing surfaces. Chelsea Pier's cross-ice hockey is an ideal way for young players to develop their skills by playing in small spaces. Players get several touches on the puck and are engaged in the game from start to finish, while still feeling like they are playing in a competitive and "real" hockey game. Our organized, structured play is ideal for the whole family to watch and enjoy Mite Hockey at its finest.

  Dates Details Cost Registration
MITE B & C: Option 1 Sept. 12 – Dec. 6, 2020
$3,250 Register
MITE B & C: Option 2 Sept. 12, 2020 – Mar. 7, 2021 22 CROSS-ICE GAMES
$4,600 Register

Mite Cross-Ice League Rules

  1. All games are organized in accordance with USA Hockey's "Red, White and Blue" Mite Hockey Development guidelines.
  2. Cross-ice games play 4 skaters and a goalie per team.
  3. Half-ice games play 4 skaters and a goalie per team.
  4. Recommended team roster size: 8-10 players, including a goalie.
  5. Each game includes a 3-minute warm-up.
  6. Games consist of three 15-minute periods (running time).
  7. 1-minute intermission between periods
  8. The buzzer sounds every 90 seconds to signal a change.
  9. Score is kept only to ensure proper re-seeding throughout the league.
  10. Teams are seeded and re-seeded at set dates during the season (currently after Week 4 and Week 12) to ensure that all teams are matched against the appropriate competition.
  11. All playing rules per USA Hockey.

Goaltender Requirements

A Division teams must have a "full-time goaltender" with leg pads.