Chelsea Piers Connecticut is equipped with VO2 Max and Field Testing capabilities, which offer endurance athletes a crucial look at their current fitness and athletic potential. Athletes gain specific knowledge about their training status, aerobic capacity and energy expenditure. These tests also provide the necessary components to assess current form and fitness, and create training zones based on heart rate and power.


V02 Max Testing is a rigorous test recommended for athletes and individuals who are serious about improving their cardiovascular fitness. The VO2Max is the maximum amount of oxygen the body can consume to create energy, which is directly related to endurance performance.

This test will reveal an athlete’s aerobic threshold - the exercise intensity which produces maximum aerobic efficiency (i.e., the point at which the aerobic energy system yields the highest percentage of total energy utilized) - as well as one’s anaerobic threshold.

The Resting Metabolic Assessment is the preferred way to determine the amount of energy your body uses to function efficiently at rest. Knowing your Resting Metabolic Rate is essential for realistic weight loss, athletic performance and optimal health. Using a neoprene “Comfort-fit” mask, the New Leaf Analyzer measures the amount of oxygen you consume and carbon dioxide you exhale to precisely determine the amount of calories you need to eat to lose, maintain, or gain weight.

Field Testing: Bike & Run

Bike Test FTP Testing (Functional Threshold Percentage) represents your ability to sustain the highest possible power output over 60 minutes, and is a crucial figure in determining your all-round ability on the bike.  The goal of assessment is to get a snapshot of your current level of fitness which includes a 20-minute power test, following a proper warm up on the Computrainer.  The FTP is calculated by taking 95% of the 20-minute average power.

Run Test A running Threshold Field Test helps determine your threshold heart rate at pace.  Following a proper warm up and activation drills, the test involves a 20 minute “all out” run on the track while capturing all heart rate data.  Knowing your threshold heartrate will help you plan workouts, measure training progress and set attainable racing goals. 


Service Member Price
VO2 Testing $150
Resting Metabolic Testing $100
1-Hour Field Test $100

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