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Chelsea Piers is proud to announce the arrival of the Reaxing training system. Reaxing is both a methodology and a technology.  The methodology stems from the idea that life is unpredictable. Its “Sudden Dynamic Impulse” technology features a “smart” floor board, a floating pool board, a dynamically unpredictable weighted chain system and an instructor-controlled light system.

Reaxing Floor

Reaxing Training

The Reaxing concept revolves around mind-body reactions in unpredictable situations. The instability of the Reax Board and Reax Raft, coupled with the dynamic weight and light systems, trigger the constant activation of the user’s brain and stabilizer muscles, making Reaxing training more challenging and effective than standard workouts. Results include improvements in sport performance, metabolic activity, and muscular responsiveness and rehabilitation.

Housed primarily in the Competitive Team Training Center, a variety of training programs using the full range of Reaxing equipment will be available to Chelsea Piers Team Athletes and Members, under the supervision and guidance of coaches and trainers.


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