Meet the Trainers

Andrew Burlin

master Trainer

A Stamford, CT native, Andrew has been an athlete all of his life, competing in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Bowling, and Mixed Martial Arts. What differentiates Andrew from many others in this industry is that he leads by example, training religiously, and in 2015 he plans to compete in his first amateur Body Building competition.

Andrew’s background in fitness is based on plyometric and hypertrophy training, though he is well versed in every aspect of exercise, including flexibility, core, balance, corrective exercise, weight loss, and sports performance enhancement.  He takes great pride in being a man of upstanding character.  He believes that integrity, dedication, respect, and consistency can enable his clients to achieve any goal. 

A NASM-certified trainer, Andrew’s overall training philosophy focuses on prehabilitation.  He believes that proactively training your body effectively in all aspects of fitness will prevent injury from occurring, allowing you to conquer not only your workout but your day-to-day with efficiency.

Andrew Burlin