Wearing a MYZONE belt during workouts monitors your heart rate and tracks effort as a percentage of your maximum heart rate. Effort points (MEPs) are awarded for every minute above 50%, with more points awarded as the percentage rises.

Heart rate training and awareness is a safe and effective way to accomplish your workout goals. The TV and equipment screens around the Fitness Club display your heart rate and effort percentages, allowing you to know when you are building fitness, are burning fat, need to rest or should start your next interval.

How To Get Started:

  1. Purchase a MYZONE Belt from the Front Desk, available for $80.
  2. Set up your online account through the MYZONE website, using the unique 7-digit belt serial number and our facility code "CPNYUS002"
  3. Put on your belt, wait for the beep (indicating a successful connection) and start working out!
  4. See data streaming during your workout displayed on the various screens located throughout the club, in cardio, in the studios, etc.
  5. Receive summary emails after each workout or login to view recent activity and track progress. You can also download the App to see your results on the go.
  6. Set up personal goals or invite others into a competition to keep workouts exciting

You can learn more about how the MYZONE technology can enhance your workout during a complimentary fitness assessment. Call 203.989.1250 for details.