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Madelaine Haine

Meet Madelaine Haine


Madelaine Hane was introduced to Pilates after moving to Fairfield County over 18 years ago.

She grew up as a competitive swimmer and gymnast and has always felt most comfortable when in motion. After 7 years as a Pilates student, she became certified from The Pilates Academy International in New York City. That was over 10 years ago, and she is now certified in Pilates apparatus, mat, yoga and barre, all the things she loves and practices daily. She also brings her knowledge of anatomy and hands-on alignment from her 22 years as a massage therapist. She hopes to inspire her students to find strength and flexibility through Pilates that they will ultimately apply in their everyday activities and sports.


Madelaine Hane was introduced to yoga over 20 years ago when she was in Los Angeles working as an actress. Prior to that she was a competitive swimmer and gymnast but was looking for a physical connection outside of a team that would inspire her. She loved the spiritual and athletic component that yoga offered.

She eventually became a certified massage therapist from The Swedish Institute in New York City to supplement her acting. After having kids and moving to Fairfield County she was introduced to Pilates, all the while practicing yoga, her true love. She eventually became a Pilates instructor in 1997, a natural progression to teach and apply her anatomy and movement philosophy from the massage. Only 5 years ago did she finally complete her 200 hour yoga certification from Bernadette Birney her teacher and mentor. Teaching yoga is a joy that she shares her diverse knowledge of all her past teachers from yoga, Pilates, eastern philosophy and body work.