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Breakaway from the Every Day


Break Away from Your Limits

Breakaway Class

In the Zone

Ride in your optimal training zone to get results. Coach by Color ® simplifies the metrics of speed, resistance, heart rate and power output into five Color Zones. Instructors coach to the zones. Since Color Zones are personalized to your fitness level, you can zone in on your own success instead of numbers on a console.

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Breakaway Class

Personalized Results

Results beyond a good sweat. Progress you can see and track after every ride. Effort that was once your ceiling becomes your baseline. It’s not getting easier; you are getting stronger.

Breakaway Class

Engage + Connect

Need support? Love to keep track of your stats? Want to easily track your progress? Breakaway classes sync with your devices so you can track and share your journey with others. Download the free ICG Training app on any phone!

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Pedal, climb, sprint and push yourself under the guidance of our accomplished instructors.

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