Breakaway from the Every Day

Breakaway from the Every Day


Breakaway from the Every Day

Breakaway Class


Chelsea Piers Breakaway gives you a high energy cycle class that motivates and inspires you to push yourself to maximize your workout. You'll get off the bike at the end of class ready to meet any challenge!

Breakaway Class

Power Through

Go farther, get faster. Chelsea Piers Breakaway helps you power through with the Coach By Color® biofeedback system. Every ride is a fun and effective workout. Set power output goals — and then beat them.

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Breakaway Class

Engage + Connect

Chelsea Piers Breakaway classes connect you to your workout, your instructor and your friends. Sync your ride stats to any Bluetooth device, track your performance and share your journey with others.

Meet Our Instructors

Pedal, climb, sprint and push yourself under the guidance of our accomplished instructors.


Breakaway Classes

Try the three class length variations of our signature ride, Breakaway 45, 60 or 90, or find visual inspiration at Breakaway Video.

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We're confident that you'll love our Breakaway cycle classes. Contact us to schedule a tour and learn more about our signature program.

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