Coach By Color®

Getting into the optimal training zone is fun and easy with Breakaway. We simplify our metrics into 5 Color Zones based on your effort: white for very light through red for max effort. The zones are personalized to each rider based on his/her fitness stats.

All bikes have a console that individuals input personal fitness information. With this information the console customizes your unique five color-coded training zones, ranging from white to red. The 5 training zones are the following:

  1. White = Very light effort (little to know activity)
  2. Blue = Light effort (feels like you can maintain this effort for hours, easy to breathe and carry on a conversation)
  3. Green = Moderate effort (feels like you can maintain this effort for hours, breathing heavily but can carry on a conversation)
  4. Yellow = Hard (on the verge of becoming uncomfortable, breathing heavily, conversation becomes difficult
  5. Red = Maximum effort (feels almost impossible to continue, no conversation possible)

ICG® is the world’s largest specialized designer and manufacturer of Indoor Cycling equipment. Based in Nuremburg, Germany.