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Adult Ballet is a class for adult dancers who have a basic knowledge of ballet and includes exercises at the barre, in center and across the floor. The core emphasis will be on understanding and improving proper alignment, posture, strength and flexibility.


Learn the basic footwork and rhythms to dances such as Waltz, Salsa, Cha Cha and Foxtrot in our Adult Ballroom classes. Whether you are interested in Latin or Traditional Ballroom we have the perfect class to keep you light on your feet at your next special occasion.

DANCE WITH ME (1-2 years)
Caregiver participation required

Move together with your little one as we sing, dance and have fun! Dance With Me participants work on rhythm, balance and the foundations of dance.



Adult Ballroom & Dance With Me $15 $18
Adult Ballet $17 $20

Youth Supervision Drop-in Policy

CLASS PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF: All Parents or Guardians with children under the age of 13, who are enrolled in programs, are responsible for ensuring their children are dropped off and picked up directly where the program takes place. Children under the age of 13 may not be in the building unsupervised.

DROP-IN SUPERVISION POLICY: Parents or Guardians of children under 13 must be on site at all times. If your child is 13 and older, we strongly encourage you to remain in the building. See specific rules below.

Open Fields, Open Courts,
Adventure Center and General Skate

  • Ages 10 & under: Must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Ages 11-12: Must have a parent/caregiver present in the facility.
  • Ages 13 & older: Allowed to use the Adventure Center, Fields, Courts and General Skate unattended.

Aquatic Center (includes Splash Zone)

  • Under 4: Children must enter the Splash Zone with a parent or guardian, who must be within an arm’s reach of the child at all times.
  • Ages 4-12: Must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while using the Splash Zone. Parents or guardians must observe their children from inside the Splash Zone but do not have to swim.
  • Ages 13 & older: Must be accompanied by an adult in the Chelsea Piers facility but do not have to have an adult on the pool deck with them.

Chelsea Piers Fitness Youth Access

  • Family Members with children under the age of 12 may enjoy the Family Lounge and Kids Corner babysitting services, but are not permitted anywhere else in the club. Parents with Youth Members ages 11 and younger may utilize any Family Locker Rooms throughout the Chelsea Piers facility.
  • Youth Members ages 12-14 are required to be supervised by a Chelsea Piers coach, participate in team-specific programing or with a personal trainer to access Chelsea Piers Fitness.
  • Family Members ages 12-14 are required to be supervised by a parent/guardian (who is also a member) to access Chelsea Piers Fitness. Family members ages 12 - 14 are required to complete the Junior Certification. Click here for details.
  • Youth and Family Members ages 15-17 may workout without supervision and may participate in any of the Group Fitness Classes on the schedule throughout the week. Members age 15 are required to complete the Junior Certification. Click here for details.