Attire and Etiquette

Studio Etiquette

  • Street shoes should be removed prior to entering the studio.
  • Proper dance footwear is required in the studio.
  • Jewelry may not be worn during class.
  • Please refrain from chewing gum or bringing food into the studio.
  • Water bottles are the only drink permitted in the studio.
  • Please observe your child's class respectfully and refrain from creating distractions in the window.
  • In order to maintain a comfortable and safe learning environment for students and instructors, please do not take photos or video without permission.
  • Consistent attendance is very important for the progress of your child and the entire class.

Required Dance Attire

Hair for girls should be in a neat bun with all hair off the face. The use hair of hairnets and heavy hairpins makes it much easier to keep the bun neatly in place. Children with short hair should wear a securely attached hair band that will keep all hair completely off the face. This is important for the student so that all movement can be done without any fear of hair getting into the eyes during turns and jumps.

Ballet shoes are made in either leather or canvas. All students are required to wear leather shoes for all performances. All girls must wear pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes with elastics. The reason for a class being in a uniform outfit is to allow the teacher to focus on the child's technique. Students may wear different styles of same color leotard when there is not a guest teacher or a parent viewing class.

Creative Movement White Short Sleeve style leotard, (Bloch CL5402)
Pre Ballet Pink Short Sleeve style leotard, (Bloch CL5402)
Primary Light Blue Short Sleeve style leotard, (Bloch CL5402)
Elementary Lavender Short Sleeve style leotard, (Bloch CL5402)
Level 1 Red Short Sleeve leotard, (Bloch CL5402)
Level 2 Royal tank style leotard, (Bloch CL5405)
Level 3 Burgundy tank style leotard, (Bloch CL5405)
Level 4 Aubergine camisole leotard, (Bloch CL5407)
Level 5 Navy camisole leotard, (Bloch L5407)
Levels 6, 7, 8 and Company Black camisole leotard, (Bloch L5407)
Modern Black or pink footless tights and any color leotard
Jazz Black fitted Jazz pants or tights, jazz shoes and any color leotard or Tshirt for boys.
Boys Black tights or bike shorts, white leotard, thin white socks and white ballet shoes
Ballroom Any style dance or fitness attire and ballroom dance shoes with a low heel
Hip Hop Any style loose athletic clothing and dance sneakers
Musical Theatre Black fitted jazz pants or tights, jazz shoes and any colored leotard or T-shirt for boys
Jazz Any colored leotard and tights, jazz shoes and tap shoes with side buckle