As children play, teachers observe what the child is doing and takes anecdotal records that help assess development. With this observation, the teacher can figure out a child's strengths and things that can become goals for the child to attain.

Note Taking / Running Records

Teachers write down things that the child says and does. With this type of assessment, behavior patterns can be recognized. Also, as in observation, anecdotal records can be acquired and a child's strengths and goals can be determined.


Teachers create a portfolio for each child using what he/she has created throughout the year. Growth and patterns can be seen in work done throughout the year and can create a basis for discussion on the child's development with parents and caregivers.


A designated time to sit down with parents and discuss development and issues is very important. Fall conferences are a time to sit down with a parent and have a discussion about strengths and potential goals. At spring conferences, the discussion is centered on progress seen and what differences there are since the fall, discussing new strengths and goals, and talking about what is needed between spring and the next school year.