Preschool Program

3 - 5 years

The CP Kids preschool program is for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Each classroom has 15 children and 2 teachers. In the preschool program, children are learning through play in a balance of child-directed and teacher-facilitated activities. Each day allots time for developing pre-reading and writing skills, exercising creativity, developing mathematical and spatial sense, dramatic play, art projects, music, sensory activities, self-expression and physical education. Part of the preschool curriculum is ensuring readiness for kindergarten, teaching children the necessary skills to conduct themselves in a group, be confident and independent, and have a base knowledge on which to build their education.

Once a week, children take a sports class led by a Chelsea Piers professional coach. Class themes and curriculum vary throughout the year, and are centered around movement, skill-development and instilling a love of sports and physical activity. Additionally, children take daily trips to our indoor Little Athletes Adventure Center, mini soccer field, basketball courts, dance studios and our private outdoor playground.

Classroom Environment

Each classroom includes a carefully designed age-appropriate learning environment, including a full pantry and child-sized bathroom within each classroom.

The Preschool classroom is composed of:

  • Circle rug
  • Reading center
  • Dramatic play center
  • Block center
  • Art center
  • Manipulatives center
  • Writing center
  • Science center
  • Sand/water center

Realms of Development

  • Cognitive
    Development of thinking skills
  • Language / Literacy
    Development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
    Maneuvering small muscles
    and bones
  • Gross Motor Skills
    Exercising the large muscles
  • Social / Emotional
    Learning to be with others
    and understand own emotions
  • Creative / Dramatic
    Pretending, thinking outside
    the box
  • Sensory
    Exploring through the senses