Philosophy and Curriculum

Children at CP Kids are valued members of the learning environment and the curriculum is shaped based on their interests. Through thematic teaching, the learning environment at CP Kids brings together various aspects of the curriculum into meaningful association. Social studies, emergent literacy, mathematics, science, music, art, and physical education are introduced each day in relation to one another. Each classroom follows a developmentally appropriate curriculum to strengthen and increase the skills and knowledge of each child.

Language Skills

To develop language skills, challenging, open-ended questions are posed to the children throughout the day. Conversations are encouraged in interactions with teachers and other children, even with our youngest friends. In the process of play, the children use their language skills to communicate with one another and their teachers as they narrate and describe what they are doing. Through music time, children learn and express themselves by singing.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is executed through constant problem solving, whether it is a challenging manipulative activity, figuring out the response to a thought-provoking question, or completing a new task with the support of a teacher. At each age level, children are given developmentally appropriate activities to facilitate cognitive growth and promote a fun learning environment.

Social & Emotional Development

Friendship and kindness are at the heart of our program as we guide children in positive social and emotional development. Everyone in our program is referred to as a friend and our teachers lead children toward always using friendly words and actions toward one another as they establish a healthy respect for one another's feelings and well-being. Expressing emotions is valued at each age level as we help children learn to recognize their feelings and desires and have appropriate actions and reactions.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is highly valued at CP Kids as we give our children multiple opportunities to develop their gross motor skills. Utilizing the 400,000 square foot Chelsea Piers facility and providing access to our outdoor playground for frequent outings, children run, jump, swing and tumble while learning a wide variety of sports. Each semester children in our Toddler and Preschool programs take a sports class (soccer, tee ball, ice skating, basketball, gymnastics and more) and will have several additional sports opportunities, both individually and as a class. Fine motor skills are developed as children are given stimulating manipulative activities and opportunities to develop pre-writing skills using markers, crayons and paintbrushes.