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CP Kids Early Learning Center is an environment where children learn through play in conjunction with the introduction of new concepts from the fantastic teaching staff.

Located within Connecticut's most impressive sports facilities, CP Kids provides a unique learning experience. Each school day is a combination of classroom experiences as well as gross motor activities in the Chelsea Piers facility’s dance studios, fields, courts, and gymnasium. Each child at CP Kids is recognized on an individual basis and his/her learning needs are considered in curriculum planning. All varieties of families and cultures are valued as we incorporate that diversity into our classrooms. Communication and collaboration are always top of mind as we create an environment in which all children, families, and teachers feel comfortable to learn and grow as a community. Families have the option of a school day program or an extended day program to fit their needs.

Nina Clark
Madeline Kondub

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Please email Nina Clark and Madeline Kondub, our Director and Assistant Director at, or call 203.989.1900 for more information!