Welcome to CP Kids Early Learning Center! Our school is based off of the highly successful model we developed at our center at Chelsea Piers New York in 2004. We are thrilled to be in Connecticut and very much look forward to meeting you and your child.

The mission of CP Kids is to create a learning environment for young children where they learn through play and actively develop their language, cognitive, social/emotional and motor skills. Children are given concrete experiences to encourage them to interact with the world around them and explore new ideas and materials. An integrated curriculum is utilized to reinforce themes and understanding.

Each child at CP Kids is recognized on an individual basis and his/her learning needs are considered in curriculum planning. We value all varieties of families and cultures as we incorporate that diversity into our classrooms. Communication, collaboration, and support are valued to create an environment in which all children, families and teachers feel comfortable to learn and grow as a community. Our location within one of the world's most spectacular sports facilities provides additional and unique opportunities for learning, fun and community building.


Located within the spectacular 465,000 square foot sports complex at Chelsea Piers, the CP Kids Early Learning Center provides a sunny and spacious environment that is ideal for learning, exploration and play. Warm, colorful and safe classrooms provide a home base for daily learning and playing, while Chelsea Piers' state-of-the-art sports facility offers children the unique opportunity to participate in Connecticut's best sports programs.

Each classroom includes a carefully designed age-appropriate learning environment, including a full pantry and child-sized bathroom within each classroom.

In addition to unparalleled indoor facilities, CP Kids also boasts a private outdoor playground. Children will enjoy running and playing daily in a safe and stimulating outdoor playscape.

CP Kids at Chelsea Piers CTCP Kids at Chelsea Piers CT

Facility Features

  • 5 fully-equipped and carefully designed Toddler Rooms
  • 4 fully-equipped and carefully designed Preschool Rooms
  • Outdoor Playground