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Infant Program

The CP Kids Infant Program is for children ages 3 months to 15 months. Each infant classroom has 8 children and 3 teachers. The infant classrooms seek to be an extension of the home, allowing for families to keep their children on a pace and schedule that is in sync with their home and philosophy. The most vital component of any infant curriculum is an understanding that each baby is different and is developing at his or her own pace. As we respond to the physical, emotional and cognitive needs of the infants throughout the day, there is no set schedule in the infant room. However, it is given that each day will consist of time for each of the following engaging activities:

Movement (crawling, walking, pulling up), music, story time, nap, feeding, sensory experiences (sand, water, paint), outdoor time, constant "talking with" adults and other babies, tummy time, developing attachments with caregivers, exploration with toys and materials, and diapering.

Realms of Development

  • Cognitive
    Development of thinking skills
  • Language / Literacy
    Development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
    Maneuvering small muscles 
    and bones
  • Gross Motor Skills
    Exercising the large muscles
  • Social / Emotional
    Learning to be with others 
    and understand own emotions
  • Creative / Dramatic
    Pretending, thinking outside 
    the box
  • Sensory
    Exploring through the senses

Classroom Environment

Nina Clark
Madeline Kondub

Have Questions?

Please email Nina Clark and Madeline Kondub, our Director and Assistant Director at, or call 203.989.1900 for more information!