Parties for Ages 6+

Non-stop action, supervised activities and world-class facilities are the centerpieces of a sports birthday party at Chelsea Piers. Show off your skills to fellow party-goers and have fun during some healthy competition.

Our enthusiastic and experienced party staff members organize the games and activities so the parents can relax and watch from the sidelines. All party packages include 75 minutes of the selected activity with 45 minutes celebrating in a party room.

NEW: Pool Party

Tryout our new Pool Parties birthday party option available for ages 8 and up! Come splash, swim and play in our Olympic-size pool. We have great activities such as: Water Polo, Basketball, Cornhole and numerous pool toys for the children to enjoy.

Single Sport Parties

Does your child have a favorite sport? Well we can offer parties in several of them! Sports include: baseball, basketball, dodgeball, football, gymnastics, ice skating, soccer, squash, tennis, floor hockey, GaGa and batting cages. Our experienced staff will take the kids through an active warm-up, sport-specific drills and then organize a game which they will referee. Perfect for our young sports enthusiasts!

Adventure Center
Trampoline Park + Rock Climbing

Combine rock climbing and trampoline play in this fun-filled Adventure Center party where party-goers defy gravity! Kids can jump sky high in the trampoline pit and play dodgeball or run relay races. The 22-foot rock climbing wall ensures a fun challenge as children of all ages and ability levels race to the top of the wall, with the guidance of our experienced staff members.

Ultimate Challenge

Choose from over a dozen different activities to customize a super-fun birthday party reminiscent of summer camp color-war competition. Activities include tug-of-war, relay races, dodgeball, potato sack races, capture the flag and more!

So You Think You Can Dance

Party-goers ages 6 and up can enjoy the beats of popular music in our dance parties. Enjoy a quick warm up session, dance related games and pick your favorite song to learn a dance to!

Dance Activities include:

Zumba, Memory Dance Game, Musical Chairs, Zumba Dance & Draw and Freeze Dance

Indoor Splash Zone

Our indoor, year-round water park allows for endless fun! Enjoy a small warm-water wading pool that is 2-4 feet deep, three twisting water slides, two mini slides, and several spraying water structures. The pool is a warm high of 80 degrees. Great for ages three and up!

Parkour/Ninja Warrior

Our Parkour party takes place in our 14,000 square foot, state-of-the -art gymnastics facility. During this party expect to run, climb, swing, vault, jump and roll. Mix that in with challenging obstacles and courses for kids to run and play on and we have ourselves a party!

Puff Polo

Puff Polo is a fun and active field activity similar to the court-based game of floor hockey. The game is played with a soft stick with a foam head and a ball similar in size but slightly heavier than a dodgeball. The object is to score in your opponents’ goal. This game is ideally suited to our soft indoor turf fields, especially our “Infield” area on the main level in our facility.


Gaga is a fast paced, high energy game, similar to dodgeball, played in either a hexagonal or octagonal “pit”. Gaga combines the skills of running, jumping, dodging and striking as competitors move around the pit trying not to get hit in the knee or below by the soft gaga ball. Get hit and you’re out! Play on teams or mix it up and play every person for themselves.