Stroke Development Levels | Chelsea Piers Connecticut | Stamford, CT

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Stroke Development

Level Requirements and Definitions

Chelsea Piers Stroke Development

Gator Badge

Gator Badge indicates that a child can swim the length of the learn to swim pool without interruption, demonstrating big arms, rolling to the back to breathe and kicking, independent of teacher intervention.

Level 1 Requires Gator Badge

Streamline Backstroke Kick
Side Breathing
  Belly Kick – Assisted/Unassisted 
Catch-Up Free – Assisted/Unassisted
Proper Side Breathing 
  Backstroke Arm Motion – Assisted 
Double Arm Backstroke
Unassisted Freestyle/Backstroke

Level 2 Requires 3 Stars from level 1 or evaluation for placement

  10 Kick Switch Freestyle/Backstroke
10/3/10 Freestyle/Backstroke
Know all Freestyle/Backstroke Drills by Name
  Beginning Butterfly/Breaststroke Kick
Backstroke Stroke Count from the flags to wall
Swim 1/2 length of space freestyle without help
Swim 1/2 length of space backstroke without help
  Legal Breaststroke Kick
Legal Dolphin Kick
Beginning Breaststroke
Beginning Butterfly
Technically sound Freestyle/Backstroke for 1 lap of space

Level 3 Requires 3 Stars from level 2 or evaluation from placement

  Point Kick
Dolphin Press
"Race Pace" Freestyle
  Know all Breaststroke/Butterfly Drills by name
Jacks Drill/Catch
2/2/2 Butterfly
3Kicks-1Pull – Breaststroke
Freestyle Flip Turn
  Drop-Down Push off w/Streamline
Backstroke Flip Turn
Legal Breaststroke
Legal Butterfly