Program Progression

The Chelsea Piers Swim School is built on a progression-based curriculum designed by Aquatics Director and Swim Team Head Coach, Jamie Barone and Kailey Morris, Swim School Director. We provide services for the 3 months old just being exposed to the water for the first time, through 11 year olds mastering the four competitive strokes. Our program is designed to mix a fun learning environment with top level instruction. Our mission is simple; give your child the skills needed for a lifetime of enjoyment in the water.

Mini Swimmers
Intro to Stroke Discovery
Stroke Discovery
Stroke Development Prep Stroke Development 1
Stroke Development 2
Stroke Development 3
CP-AC Swim Team
Movement based on skill progression of swimmer

Watch these videos to learn more about our Mini Swimmers and Stroke Discovery Swim Classes.

Chelsea Piers Thumbs Up

Gator Badge

Gator Badge indicates that a child can swim the length of the learn to swim pool without interruption, demonstrating big arms, rolling to the back to breathe and kicking, independent of teacher intervention. LEARN MORE

Stroke Development 1-3

Stroke Development is broken into three distinct levels, each of which is designed around different skills. As each set of skills are mastered, stars are earned. As stars accumulate, swimmers move through the three different levels of Stroke Development. LEARN MORE.