Splash Zone

Located within our state-of-the-art Aquatics Center, the 6,000 sq. ft Splash Zone features 3 super-fun and exciting pools for youths and adults (minimum age 6 months). The Splash Zone offers drop-in hours for members and non-members (members receive priority booking), birthday parties for members and non-members, school/youth group outings and much more.

There is a height requirement of 42" for the Slide Zone/Pool. Towel service is complimentary for Club and Squash members. Non-members may bring their own towel or rent a towel for $2.00.


Due to high demand, advance reservations are highly recommended for weekday sessions and required for weekend sessions. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and are based on availability. Sessions are non-refundable.


All schedules are subject to change. Please check daily for the most up-to-date information.

Splash Zone Pricing

  Family Members Youth Members Non-Members
SPLASH ZONE SESSION with SLIDES Complimentary $10
  • Single session: $20
  • 10-pack: $180
SPLASH ZONE SESSION without SLIDES Complimentary $10
  • Single session: $15
  • 10-pack: $135
Supervising Adults*
(Slide Zone not included.)
Complimentary Complimentary $10
Non-participating Adults Complimentary Complimentary Complimentary

*Non-swimmers and children age 4 and under must be accompanied in the pool by a Supervising Adult.

Sessions are non-refundable.

Splash Zone Reservations

  • Members may reserve 7 days in advance; Non-Members may reserve 1 day in advance.
  • Members may reserve for up to 2 additional non-member guests. 
  • All members and non-members must check in to receive wristband at Aquatics front desk prior to entering the Splash Zone.
  • Payment is required with reservations; reservations are non-refundable.
  • Walk-ins are welcome based only on availability.

Flotation Devices

Acceptable flotation devices include anything that is Coast Guard approved or is made of foam and includes straps and/or buckles. Water wings and inflatables are strictly prohibited.


CLASS PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF: All parents/caregivers with children under the age of 13, who are enrolled in programs, are responsible for ensuring their children are dropped off and picked up directly where the program takes place. Children under the age of 13 may not be in the building unsupervised.

DROP-IN SUPERVISION POLICY: Parents/caregivers of children under 13 must be on site at all times. If your child is 13 and older, we strongly encourage you to remain in the building. See specific rules below.

Open Fields, Open Courts,
Adventure Center and General Skate

  • Ages 10 & under: Must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Ages 11-12: Must have a parent/caregiver present in the facility.
  • Ages 13 & older: Allowed to use the Adventure Center, Fields, Courts and General Skate unattended.

Aquatic Center (includes Splash Zone)

  • Ages 5 & under: Must have a parent/caregiver with them in the pool and Splash Zone at all times.
  • Ages 6-10: Must have a parent/guardian (minimum 18 years) with them on the deck (both pool and Splash Zone) and in the locker rooms at all times.
  • Ages 11-12: Must have a parent/caregiver present in the facility.
  • Ages 13 & older: Allowed to use the pools without direct supervision.

CP-AC Fitness Youth Access

  • Family Members with children under the age of 12 may enjoy the Family Lounge and Kids Corner babysitting services, but are not permitted anywhere else in the club. Parents with Youth Members ages 11 and younger may utilize any Family Locker Rooms throughout the Chelsea Piers facility.
  • Youth Members ages 12-14 are required to be supervised by a Chelsea Piers coach, participate in team-specific programing or with a personal trainer to access CP-AC Fitness.
  • Family Members ages 12-14 are required to be supervised by a parent/guardian (who is also a member) to access CP-AC Fitness. Family members ages 12 - 14 are required to complete the Junior Certification. Click here for details.
  • Youth and Family Members ages 15-17 may workout without supervision and may participate in any of the Group Fitness Classes on the schedule throughout the week. Members age 15 are required to complete the Junior Certification. Click here for details.

General Rules

  • The Splash Zone is open for members and non-members during scheduled hours.
  • All children age 4 and under must enter the Splash Zone with a responsible adult and must be within arms reach of adult at all times.
  • All children age 4 and under must have an adult in the water with them at all times.
  • All children between 5 and 11 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while using the Splash Zone. Parents may observe their children from inside the Splash Zone and do not have to swim.
  • All children over 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the Chelsea Piers facility but do not have to have an adult on the pool deck with them.
  • There is absolutely no diving anywhere in the Splash Zone.
  • All persons must wear appropriate swimming attire, acceptable to the standards of the community. Also, no rivets, zippers, or buttons are permitted on swimming attire, (including water drain holes made of metal on cargo pocket drain holes).
  • No shoes on the deck. Please remove shoes before entering the facility (including spectators).
  • Talking to and visiting with lifeguards, who are actively scanning, is prohibited.
  • Running, pushing or horseplay is prohibited at all times inside the enclosed area.
  • The actions and conduct of organized groups are the responsibility of group leaders. Misconduct of any group member may be considered action by the entire group, and may subject the entire group to ejection from the pool.
  • Profanity and abusive language or behavior is prohibited.
  • Conduct that may endanger the welfare of any patron is strictly prohibited.
  • Chelsea Piers assumes no responsibility for personal property.

Use of Warm Water Pool

  • Diving is strictly prohibited.
  • Activities in the Warm Water Pool will be determined by Aquatics Center Management.
  • All children who are not fully toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers.

Use of Splash Pool

  • Only children under 10 years of age, supervised by an adult, may use the Splash Pool .
  • All children who are not fully toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers.
  • All miniature slides in Splash Pool are for feet-first sliding only.
  • Climbing or swinging from any of the play features in the Splash Zone is strictly prohibited.

Use of Slide Zone

  • Users must be in good health. Water slides may be strenuous and inappropriate for persons with health restrictions.
  • Pregnant women, individuals with heart conditions, or any individuals under the care of a physician should not engage in strenuous activities.
  • Users must observe and evaluate slides for risk to personal health and safety before participating.
  • You must be 42 inches tall and pass a swim test before using the water slides. Swim Test requires approximately a 10-yard swim, unassisted and uninterrupted.
  • All persons using the water slide must wait in turn to enter the flume's starting tub.
  • Sliders must assume a sitting position in the flume's starter tub and await instructions from the supervising attendant/lifeguard.
  • Upon permission to leave, slider must lay flat back with arms crossed in front of chest and legs fully extended and crossed.
  • No person shall enter a flume until directed to do so by the supervising attendant/lifeguard and before the landing area is clear.
  • Pulling, propelling, or other accelerated starts into the flume are not allowed.
  • Standing, sitting, kneeling, rotating, tumbling, stalling and stopping are strictly prohibited while riding the water slide flume.
  • One slider is permitted on a flume at a time. Trains or chains of sliders are strictly prohibited. Lap riders are prohibited.
  • Only one rider per turn may use the slide (no kids sitting on adult laps).
  • Sliders must swim and exit the catch pool and run out landings immediately upon finishing their ride on the slide.
  • Lifeguard reserves the right to prohibit anyone from using the slides for safety reasons