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Frequently Asked Question

Come prepared with the willingness to stick with the program and trust that we will do what's best for your child; some tears are not only normal but to be expected.
The only requirement is a swim suit. Cap and goggles, while optional, are encouraged.
It is not out of the ordinary for some students to experience discomfort when first learning to swim, or when facing new challenges in the pool. Our instructors are highly experienced in working with young swimmers and are constantly present to coach your child through each activity in a professional manner.
Yes, you can observe from the benches in the learn to swim area, however, we encourage you to watch from the mezzanine on the closed circuit TV.
There are many variables that determines the length of time required for your child to learn to swim. These factors include, but are not limited to, initial comfort in the water, personality, rapport with staff, and general athleticism in an aquatic environment.
Our instructors are responsible for determining when each child's progress warrants advancement to the next level of swim education.
There will be a few different teachers for your child, but all instructors use the same methods and work towards accomplishing the same goals. As such, this provides children with an opportunity to not only get accustomed to new people, but also allows each instructor's unique talents and perspective to positively influence each child's swimming.
You must be able to swim the length of the learn-to-swim pool without help from one of our teachers. You also must be able to demonstrate 4 "big arms," commonly known as the front crawl stroke, without stopping.
To be on the Pre-Team at Chelsea Piers Connecticut, you must be first be able to correctly complete 3 of the 4 major strokes, as well as have a base level understanding of the 4th. A staff member will also evaluate each swimmer prior to entrance into the program.
We have a beautiful family locker room for you and your children to change in.
Our warm water pool is kept at a comfortable 87-89 degrees, while our 50 meter pool is kept at 80 degrees.
Any comments or concerns can be directed to Jamie Barone, at baronj@chelseapiersct.com.