Training Series

Kick your training up a notch with our Training Series, designed to keep your workouts fresh, produce results and keep you excited about coming to the gym. These small group training classes – which feature intensive instruction in the areas of kettlebells, power lifting, rowing and Pilates, among others – are taught by our highly skilled personal trainers. 

The following Training Series are complimentary for Platinum members.

  • Pilates Reformer

    Whether you're a seasoned Pilates student or have always wanted to give the reformer a try, CP-AC Fitness has an offering for you.

  • Golf FIT

    Improve your golf game during small group training sessions to increase your flexibility, mobility and strength.

  • Intro to Kettlebell

    Learn proper form and technique, as well as creative ways to work these old school tools into your existing fitness routine.

  • Rowing Series

    This Training Series consists of hour-long rowing-focused classes designed for athletes of all levels.

  • FIT Mom

    FIT MOM provides the necessary structure, expertise, support and accountability required for success.

The following Training Series are available to Platinum and Club Members for an additional fee.

  • FIT For Summer

    Hit the “reset” button on your approach to fitness, nutrition and well-being and be in your best shape in time for the beach!.