Massage Service Offerings

Enjoy a 60 or 90 minute treatment to soothe sore muscles from working out, improve circulation and flexibility, diminish effects of jet lag or simply relieve stress and unwind. Massage is proven to be an important part of maintaining overall health, fitness, balance and well-being.


  Member Non-Member
Introductory 3-Pack (60-minute) $255 N/A
Introductory 3-Pack (90-minute) $345 N/A
60-minute Massage $110 $135
90-minute Massage $135 $165
60-minute Ashiatsu Massage $150 $185
90-minute Ashiatsu Massage $170 $205
90-minute Hot Stone Massage $145 $175


Getting its name from the Japanese words "ashi" (foot) and "atsu" (pressure), Ashiatsu massage is an ancient type of Asian bodywork that is done with the massage therapist's feet. This method of deep tissue barefoot Swedish massage uses an overhead support system: the massage therapist holds onto parallel bars that hang from the ceiling, allowing gravity - and the therapist’s body weight – to penetrate below the client’s superficial layers of tissue, delivering an extra deep massage. The use of the therapist’s feet delivers continuous deep tissue pressure and covers much larger areas at one time verse the use of hands. Ashiatsu massage is much deeper than the common Swedish massage and even deeper than a deep tissue massage.


A massage therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body, during this relaxing and therapeutic massage treatment. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.


Firm but gentle pressure helps improve circulation and alleviate stiffness and fatigue. Relieve the stress of a busy day with this relaxing massage technique that uses smooth, gliding, strokes to ease tension.


The use of deep manipulation eliminates toxic waste, blockages and tension throughout the muscular system. A more focused technique aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia. Helps release chronic muscle tension and knots.


Using techniques similar to Swedish massage, this technique is particularly effective in the treatment of sciatica, bursitis, TMJ, lower back, neck and muscle strains.


Viewing the foot as a microcosm of the entire body, our trained therapists use thumbs and fingers to stimulate specific pressure points in the feet. This treatment promotes overall well-being and releases blocked energy throughout the body.


Designed to relieve the stress and discomfort which often accompanies pregnancy. A healthier, stress-free pregnancy means a healthier stress-free baby.